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Sports hall, Gymnasium and Sports Equipment Installation and Refurbishes
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Sports hall installations

We install, maintain and repair all sports hall equipment from basketball goals, cricket nets, dividing curtains, rebound boards, protection netting to scoreboards.

Basketball goal systems

We install a wide range of basketball goals to suit most sports halls and gymnasia. We install

  • Wall fixed basketball goals
  • Wall hinged basketball goals
  • Ceiling hinged basketball goals
  • Freestanding practice basketball goal
  • External socketed basketball goal

Cricket nets, net lanes

We install cricket nets with retractable netting running on aluminium trackway or tensioned wire rope. We install

  • Single cricket net lanes
  • Double cricket net lanes
  • Triple cricket net lanes

Dividing curtains and protection nets

We install retractable division and protection netting in any type of net running on aluminium trackway or tensioned wire rope or fixed netting on a wire rope grid. We install

  • Archery nets
  • Balcony protection netting
  • Ceiling protection netting
  • Dividing curtains, with and without sight screens
  • Golf nets

Rebound boards

We install rebound boards for sports halls to segregate playing and non playing areas and create pitches of any shape or size within a larger area. We install

  • Rebound/dividing boards for sports halls
  • Goal rebates
  • External rebound boards


We supply and install electronic and manual scoreboards for most sports and activities. We install

  • Electronic scoreboards with remote control
  • Electronic tabletop scoreboards
  • Manual scoreboards for inside
  • Manual scoreboards for outside



OG Technical - Typical Sports hall dimensions

  • Sports hall dimensions are typically for a 3, 4, 6 or 8 badminton court hall.
    • A typical 3 court hall would be 27m long x 18m wide, total area 486m2
    • A typical 4 court hall would be 33m long x 18m wide, total area 594m2
    • A typical 6 court hall would be 33m long x 27m wide, total area 891m2
    • A typical 8 court hall would be 37m long x 33m wide, total area 1221m2
  • Recommended height is 7600mm (a minimum of 7600mm must be provided over the entire badminton court and 7000mm over other team games courts - for county standard badminton the minimum height required is 9100mm)
  • Distance between a court side line and the next court or a wall should be not less than 1.5m
  • Distance between an end wall and court base line should be not less than 2m
  • For court dimensions and areas required for sports see Court markings

Typical equipment required for a 33 x 18m hall

  • Matchplay wall hinged basketball goals x 2, or 1 ceiling hinged and 1 wall hinged goal
  • Practice basketball goals x 8, flush fitted to walls or projecting
  • Double bay cricket nets x 2, either side of basketball goal
  • Dividing curtain x 2, to create 2 2 court halls and 1 3 court hall
  • Badminton posts/nets x 4 pairs and court markings
  • Five a side goals/nets x 1 pair, goal anchors and court markings
  • Hockey goals/nets x 1 pair, goal anchors and court markings
  • Volleyball posts/net x 1 pair, floor anchors and court markings
  • Netball posts/nets x 1 pair, floor sockets and court markings
  • Tennis posts/net x 1 pair, floor anchors and court markings
  • Table tennis tables, up to 9
  • Competition Goliath trampoline
  • Overhead safety rig
  • Gymnastics apparatus and floor anchors where required
  • Double beams, wall bars, climbing frames - fixed PE equipment
  • Portable PE equipment
  • Gym mats, Judo mats, Safety mats
  • Storage baskets, trolleys, racks, hooks, shelves

Sports Hall Installation, advice, planning

We have years of experience of different installations and can advise on the most efficient way of meeting your specification. From experience we have found our early involvement can save significant time and cost by avoiding later structural variations required to enable the sports equipment to be installed. Alternatively we can work flexibly with other specialists to meet project deadlines.

If you need further assistance please contact us.

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