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Floor sanding

We sand and seal wood floors to bring them back to almost new condition. We also repair or replace damaged floor boards or blocks and sand and re-surface polyurethane floors.

Before floor sanding

During floor sanding

After floor sanding and sealing

Floor sanding and floor refurbish for wood floors

We carry out floor sanding and sealing to refurbish sports and non sports floors. Many old wood floors have either a very worn seal (or no seal at all) resulting in the wood wearing and getting ingrained dirt and turning a dirty black colour, or have had several coats of oil based seal applied over the years which have "yellowed" with sunlight giving a dirty brown appearance. Eventually the layers of seal will begin to crack leaving sharp edges. The results are you may have a surface that is lacking in grip, beginning to splinter or suffering damage to the structure, and looking poor.

In most cases there will be a good quality timber floor which with a floor sand and reseal can look as good as a brand new floor but at a fraction of the cost, and with less waste of natural resources.

We sand wood strip and wood block floors to provide an excellent surface with good grip and an as new look (provided there are no deep indentations which cannot be sanded out). We use belt sanders (not drum sanders) to give a high quality smooth surface and finish with buffers to provide a surface fit for all sports use. For sports floors we only use seals that have been tested to exceed the requirements of BS7044 for providing a surface with the required grip.

What can you expect from us?

  • A smooth surface sanded with the best quality sanding machines
  • Minimum take off to preserve the future life of the floor
  • Experienced staff with years of knowledge in how to sand different types of floor and different timber types
  • Edges fully blended in to the main area
  • The "right" seal for your requirements whether for high grip or excellent wear characteristics

What can we do for you?

  • We sand all solid wood strip floors, wood laminate floors, wood block floors (eg herringbone), parquet block floors, Granwood block floors, and polyurethane floors
  • We repair all the above floors from just 1 damaged or broken board to several square metres of damaged floor
  • We can seal with as many coats of seal as you require (we recommend 3coats as a minimum)
  • We can apply painted court markings or logos onto the surface

Squash court floor sanding

We sand and re-line squash court floors (provided they have not been oversanded previously). Typically squash courts are finished rough sanded (not sealed) to provide good grip and not become slippery with any players perspiration. We also re-line the floors with painted markings (we never use taped lines).

Floor repairs

We can replace individual boards or whole areas for wood strip, wood block floors and Granwood solid floors. We will sand and seal the area and touch in any court markings as required. We can

  • Repair wood strip, wood block, laminate, Granwood block floors and polyurethane floors
  • Wood strip repairs can be straight edged or feathered into existing boards

Floor being re-surfaced

Floor re-surfaced, re-lined

Floor sanding and refurbish for polyurethane floors

We sand, re-surface and re-line worn polyurethane floors (provided the base is suitable). One of the greatest advantages of a polyurethane floor is the ability to sand and resurface without having to remove the entire floor (as with most other synthetic surfaces) - it is therefore extremely cost advantageous and environmentally friendly. We can

  • Re-surface your polyurethane floor in a similar or different colour (to give your gym and sports hall a complete new look)
  • Re-line the hall with the same or different line markings
  • Repair damaged areas
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